Public Sector

Imagine the city of the future...

a responsive, open and inclusive city.

The city of the future:

Listens to citizens

Serves people effectively, by understanding their concerns.

Involves citizens in social projects

Creates a relationship of trust between government and citizens, inspiring people to participate in society.

Recognizes social participation

Rewards people who take action to create social impact.

Measures the efficiency of social initiatives

Analyzes how community initiatives mitigate and solve society’s problems.

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social coin in action

Costa Rica, Civic Centers for Peace

Rates of gang violence have steadily risen in Costa Rica over the past decade, reaching an all time high in 2015. Civic Centers for Peace began as a government initiative to prevent youth violence by encouraging young people to participate in their communities through civic center programs. The centers provide artistic activities and cultural music workshops, painting, theatre and dance, sports areas and skate parks and research spaces like labs and libraries.

In 2017, they started using social coins with 2 goals:

  • Create civic centers where young people want to be, to increase youth participation in civic activities.
  • Improve collaboration between the teams running different centers.

The civic centers published challenges on the social coin wallet app. Young people signed up for challenges using the app, where they could immediately connect and share stories and photos with others involved in the activity. By validating their participation, they earned social coins to spend on various goods and services, including cinema tickets, juices, snacks, and programming courses.

Civic center staff also used social coins internally, to incentivize challenges that promoted collaboration between teams in co-creating the youth programs.

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