How does Social Coin work?

Any public institution or organization launching a social initiative can use Social Coin to incentivize community participation in activities and challenges.


Identify the most relevant concerns of your community

People all over the world share their concerns on public platforms online. Citibeats, our Artificial Intelligence Platform, collects and analyzes this data to identify the most relevant concerns of any given society, city or community. 


Launch challenges and activities that respond to these concerns

Use Social Coin to promote participation in challenges and activities that solve these community problems.

The AI assigns a number of social coins to each challenge, depending on its relevance. These values rise and fall as the urgency of the issues evolve over time. Social Coin creates an economy of impact.


Incentivize participation with social coins

Your community uses the app – Social Coin wallet – to discover and sign up for the challenges you design. When people validate their participation, they are rewarded with social coins with which can be spent at local businesses.


Measure and analyze the efficiency of your initiatives

Track the impact of your challenges and activities and see how they improve the social issues they were designed to solve.


Citibeats is an AI-based platform that visualizes what citizens of a city are saying about a specific topic.

This helps governments and organizations to create more effective social initiatives.

Social Coin wallet

Social Coin wallet is a mobile app that allows users to discover and participate in challenges, and earn social coins to spend in selected local  businesses.