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The Dubai Chamber of Commerce Case Study

Campaign to activate positive values.

What was achieved?

During a 3-month campaign , the Dubai Chamber of Commerce was able to improve the commitment and productivity of its employees while also improving happiness, communication and team spirit. While improving the company, they were also able to create a positive impact within the Dubaiti society.

“We took the children to the nursing home of Al Mamzar and carried out several activities together. Older people taught children the importance of being socially responsible while children brightened the lives of many older people. ”
Jumma Almansoob

The most outstanding

The active participation was more than 50%
The workers of the Dubai Chamber performed more than 700 positive actions.
12,573 people in 5 countries benefited from their acts of kindness.

A success case for both social coin and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.

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Why social coin?

  • Promotes the happiness and commitment of your employees
  • Improve productivity and team collaboration
  • Promotes habits aligned with corporate values
  • Improve corporate culture in your organization
  • Increases employee engagement rate
  • Create a positive impact on society

"It's not about being the number one in the world, what we want is our employees and future employees to like to work here, because that's what will make us succeed"

Vice President of People Development at Google

Organizations using social coin

60 large companies, 10 universities, 76 schools, 2 cities


“Thanks to social coin, we increased our employee participation by 100%”

Marketing team - Cisco UK

“1.500 public employees inspired generosity to the citizens of Barcelona through social coins”

AMB - Barcelona City Council